Griffin Taking ‘Second Look’ at SOPA

Update on a story I posted earlier: Rep. Tim Griffin (AR-2) now says he is taking a ‘second look’ at his co-sponsorship of SOPA.

From Rep. Griffin’s Facebook page:

Stopping theft of American intellectual property by foreign rogue web sites is critical to protect ideas and jobs. I welcome input on SOPA from all sides, and I share some concerns of constituents who have contacted me. I was hopeful we could revise SOPA to address concerns raised, and I remain hopeful. However, I am taking a second look at SOPA to see if that is possible. I will not support a bill unless my constituents are comfortable with it.

You can weigh in on the Facebook conversation or email the congressman here.


One comment

  1. Larry Haney

    It all boils down to freedom & control, period. The government cannot stand the Internet. You can say what you think on the ‘Net & the government can’t stop you(until now). They want to be able to censor what you say especially about them. People can now communicate & get info in a heartbeat & the gov’t does not like it. This ain’t the old days.

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