Most Electable? Romney Polling Worst Amongst Contenders With Indies, Dems in SC

I reported earlier on a new Insider Advantage poll that shows Newt Gingrich taking a three-point lead over Mitt Romney in South Carolina.  Digging into the numbers a bit deeper, we see some interesting trends–that just so happen to fly in the face of the ‘conventional wisdom’ being regurgitated in the media.

Among Democrats that were polled:

  • Gingrich: 46.8%
  • Paul: 28.4%
  • Romney: 2.7%

Among Independents:

  • Gingrich: 32.7%
  • Paul: 26.2%
  • Romney: 15.4%

These numbers demonstrate a trend that is continuing (we saw it in Iowa as well):  despite all of the ‘electabilty’ and ‘appealing to moderates’ talk that we hear about Romney, he consistently polls near the bottom amongst independents & Democrats.

Maybe he is not the most electable after all?

Nic Horton


One comment

  1. RSS Ronald Reagan

    I agree with you that Romney is not, in fact, the “most electable.” However, do you think it’s possible that at Gingrich’s popularity among Democrats may have to do with their perception that he’s the most defeatable?

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