Education Reform Events Scheduled This Week Around Arkansas

The Arkansas Reform Alliance (TARA) is hosting a series of panel discussions this week around the state as a part of the national School Choice Week.

From TARA:

Arkansas’ education system is failing our children. According to the U of A Ed Policy more than 25% of our students are NOT proficient in reading or math upon completion of the 8th grade and it gets worse from there.  Over 50% of Arkansas high school graduates have to go through remediation before taking their first college level course.

Education Week published a report last week grading states on educational policy and performance, Arkansas received a (D) in over all achievement K-12; (F) in spending and a (C-) in chance for success.

As of June 30,2011 Arkansas public school districts and ESC had outstanding loans and bonded indebtedness totaling over $3.5 BILLION, and increase of over $1billion in just 4 years. Arkansans spend the lions share of our general budget on education and the results are dreadful.

There are four events planned next week, Jan 23rd-28th, around Arkansas to shine a light on the need for options, giving ALL children a chance at excellence in education.

Register here->

Parents should have a range of options, including great public schools, public charter schools, and access to high-quality private schools through school vouchers or scholarship tax credit programs. It’s about a fundamental right for parents to have access to whichever quality schools serve their children and family best.

There is an event in Fayetteville tonight, El Dorado tomorrow, Searcy on Thursday, and Little Rock on Friday.  State Rep. Mark Biviano will be speaking at the Searcy event.



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