Biviano Responds to Osborne’s Entrance into State Rep. Race

I reported yesterday that Searcy police chief Kyle Osborne is planning to challenge incumbent state representative Mark Biviano for his seat.  I followed up with Biviano’s campaign and asked for comment on these developments.

Biviano said we need someone who is committed to tackling problems if we are going to overcome the challenges we face as a state:

I look forward to a race run on the issues. To truly serve the people of our district it has taken a dedication of time and an understanding of the concerns they face each day. As a small business owner I am very familiar with the challenges of raising a family, running a business and protecting jobs in this economic environment.

I have not been afraid to take on the status quo making a stand to protect our families & businesses

The challenges that face our state over the coming years like the economy, job creation, education and healthcare will take someone who is willing to dedicate the time and effort to both understand and act for the people in our community.

Nic Horton


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