It seems to be the cool thing in politics now to add the suffix ‘mentum’ to the end of a surging candidate’s name.  So today, the word is ‘Rapert-mentum,’ as news breaks that State Senator Jason Rapert (R-Conway) has announced that he has surpassed the $100,000 fundraising mark.  This news comes one day after Rapert announced  he had received the endorsement of Arkansas Right To Life, saying “God’s greatest gift is the gift of life.”

Rapert will face incumbent State Rep. Linda Tyler (D-Conway).  Tyler was recently named an “Arkie of the Year” by The Arkansas Times for being a champion slayer of pro-life bills in the House.

Senator Rapert has a lot of steam behind his campaign, as he well should.  As a freshman legislator in the 2011 session, he immediately rose to the top of the crop as a crusader for limited government and protecting life.  Perhaps his most notable effort was the Taxpayer Protection Amendment he proposed.  As Advance Arkansas Institute pointed out,

A Taxpayer Protection Amendment would have many good consequences – not just for taxpayers, but for the budget process, legislators, and the general public.

Read more about the specific benefits in this policy paper from AAI.  Among the most notable benefits are 1. Improving tax policy & 2. Increasing the focus on wasteful spending.

The amendment did not advance very far last session, but advocates of limited government have much to be hopeful about if 2013 brings a Republican majority full of legislators with Senator Rapert’s tenacity, principles, and vision.

To learn more about Senator Rapert, visit his website.

Nic Horton


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