Anti-Gas Tax Rally Thursday on Arkansas Capitol Steps

I received a news release from the folks over at Stop The Gas Tax AR, a group that has formed to oppose Sheffield Nelson‘s severance tax hike.

The release announces a rally this Thursday at 12:30 p.m. on the state capitol steps to “let Arkansans know what’s really at stake here:  jobs, future business development, and continued economic growth in our communities.”

The rally is said to feature Arkansas mayors, county leaders, gas producers, and royalty owners.

Isn’t it interesting that the Municipal League, who is always calling for ‘more economic development,’ is now supporting this massive tax hike which will cripple job growth & hurt Arkansans who own gas royalties.  Perhaps their agenda isn’t really economic development.  Perhaps it’s raising taxes & growing government?  Just a thought. (I seem to remember some nut-job raising this point before, a few months ago)

Thankfully there are a group of chambers of commerce from around the state, including Searcy’s, that have banded together to oppose the tax hike.  Rich Moellers of the Morrilton Chamber said it pretty well in this interview:

The Natural Gas Severance Tax Act proposed by Mr. Nelson would erase the industry’s margins and result in good companies moving operations to other parts of the country where they can make money and provide jobs. This bill is a jobs-killer.

The County Judge’s Association of Arkansas has also voted to oppose the increase.

You can join Stop The Gas Tax on Facebook & Twitter.


Nic Horton


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