White County JP Charged with DWI, ‘Budweiser’ Osborn, to Seek Retirement in 2012

One name that is notably absent from the list of White County JP candidates:  Bud(weiser) Osborn of District 12.

I broke the story that Osborn had been arrested on Thanksgiving Day of last year.  He was cited for driving left of center, driving off a marked road, and driving while intoxicated.  The story quickly became statewide news.

Then Osborn told the paper he wasn’t that drunk.

Then I called for his resignation.

Then he plead ‘not guilty’ at a hearing in January. (He is scheduled to appear in court in May)

Not only is Osborn not seeking re-election, but the Democrats have failed to field a candidate in his stead.  Former Republican JP Joel Pritchett of Searcy will retake the seat unopposed.  Mr. Pritchett currently serves as the chairman of the White County Republican committee.

Retiring isn’t quite the same as resigning, but it’s close.  Osborn’s retirement is a testament to the ability of average citizens, through social media & hard work, to expose inappropriate behavior by elected officials–and hold them accountable.  Had I not received an anonymous tip & done my due diligence, Mr. Osborn would likely still be on the court.

We can make a difference.  We are making a difference.  And I like to think that the champion of transparent government, Andrew Breitbart would be proud.

Nic Horton


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