White County Elections Division to Move Under Judge’s Office?

The Personnel & Public Safety committee of the White County Quorum Court will  meeting tonight.  The full agenda has not been released, even to some of the JPs, but I am told that at least one issue for discussion will be moving the elections department of the county under the judge’s office.  It is currently under the county clerk’s office.

Justice of the Peace Cameron Cooper (R-Rose Bud) who chairs the committee told me just moments ago that Arkansas Attorney General opinions have said that the elections division does technically belong under the county judge’s office, but the judge can delegate that position to another department.  He said the issue is being discussed because questions have been raised about who the county election coordinator answers to regarding time sheets, pay raises, etc.

After speaking with some other members of the court this afternoon, it doesn’t appear there will be enough votes to move the elections division anywhere.  We should know for sure after tonight’s meeting.

I’ll keep you posted.

Nic Horton


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