White County GOP Fields Candidates for Every JP District

For the first time in history, there will be a Republican challenger in every Justice of the Peace district in White County.

Greg Niblock filled the final spot when he filed this morning as a candidate for District 8, a seat currently held by incumbent Waylon Heathscott.  Heathscott will also face a primary challenge in May from former JP Boss Vaughn.

7 of the 8 incumbent Republican JPs will be unopposed: 

  • Bobby Burns, District 2
  • Cameron Cooper, District 3
  • Allen King, District 4
  • Shane Sellers, District 6
  • Mike Cleveland, District 9
  • Bobby Quattlebaum, District 10
  • Ron Gibbs, District 13

1 Republican JP, Ed Land of District 11 is being primaried by David Schoenberger.

All of the Democrat JP incumbents are facing challengers.

The county judge’s race will be decided in the GOP primary, as Mike Lincoln faces a challenge from Bill Haynie, but no Democrat filed for the seat.

Likewise, the Democrats did not field a candidate for county clerk.  That race will be between three Republicans:  Randall Young, Brittney Sellers-Hawkins, & Cheryl Evans.

Democrats also failed to field a candidate against incumbent Republicans Sheriff Ricky Shourd, Circuit Clerk Tami King, Coroner David Powell, and Treasurer Janet Hibbitts.  

And get this:  the incumbent Tax Assessor Debra Lang has switched to the GOP, leaving Democrat Tax Collector Sue Liles as the lone county-wide elected Democrat.

Who said the GOP base isn’t energized?

See the full candidate list here.

Nic Horton



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  2. KBCraig

    Bowie County Texas fielded a full GOP slate for the first time ever in 2010, and swept the incumbents from office.

    They ran on a platform of transparency in office, open access to government, and access to voters.

    Exactly one of them remembered that platform: County Clerk Natalie Nichols. They blocked her every effort to be open and transparent, while engaging in their own underhanded skulduggery under the guidance of County Judge “Doctor” Sterling Lacy (there is no evidence he ever graduated the now-closed, unacreddited, diploma mill from which he claims to have a PhD.

    Yes, it’s important to break the single-party stranglehold on local politics. Just be careful who you get in return.

    Your “Good Ol’ Boy system” might just be replaced with a “Good New Boy system”.

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