White Co. Elections Division to Remain Under Authority of County Clerk

Need to update a story from yesterday: the White County Personnel & Public Safety committee voted unanimously to leave the county elections division under the county clerk’s supervision, rather than consolidating the division under the county judge’s office.

JP Cameron Cooper tells the group “Citizens for Responsible Government in White County,”

The committee voted unanimously that the Election Coordinator should be under the County Clerk’s supervision. For the record, the County Judge did specifically state that he had no interest in supervising the Election Coordinator or having anything to do with that position.

This all started when the County Clerk had suggested (to the Budget Committee) a raise for the Election Coordinator to bring her pay up to be more in line with what Chief Deputies make. The Budget Committee raised the question of which elected official the Coordinator worked for as reportedly there had been some confusion on the issue, and they referred the question to the Personnel Committee for clarification.

Meeting turned out well and the Coordinator absolutely works under the supervision of the County Clerk.

Nic Horton


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