Arkansas House Candidate Pledges to Donate First Year’s Salary if Elected

ImageCandidate for Arkansas House District 70 Price Dooley (R-Conway) has pledged to introduce ‘the toughest ethics legislation in Arkansas history’ if elected to the state’s ruling body. He has also pledged to donate his first year’s salary to a Conway nonprofit–a refreshing “money where your mouth is” approach.

In a speech to the Faulkner County Republican Women last week, Dooley said,

Our state is facing a potentially crippling issue that needs to be addressed to restore the trust that Arkansans have placed in their elected officials. In my first sixty days as your representative I will introduce the toughest ethics legislation in Arkansas history. A comprehensive plan that will address legislative conduct, reduce legislative salaries, and deal decisively with legislative compensation. Additionally, I will donate my legislative salary, in year one, to Bethlehem House here in Conway, to set an example for leadership. It’s the right thing to do to restore your trust in our democratic process.

Nic Horton


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