Former State Rep. Fred Smith: “I’m the Tim Tebow of State Representatives.”

ImageRemember State Rep. Fred Smith from West Memphis?  He’s the former Harlem Globetrotter who was convicted of felony theft & resigned from the Arkansas House last year.  Well, he’s decided to take a play out of the Washington Generals’ playbook and give it another go, despite all the odds.

Smith filed for re-election just before the state’s deadline last Thursday.  You can imagine the media circus this has triggered.

On Friday, Smith reportedly told reporters he is running for re-election to “clear my name & give God all the glory.”  He stopped just short of calling himself the Messiah, choosing rather to characterize himself as the sports world’s biggest faith hero:

I’m the Tim Tebow of state representatives.

When asked which judge would be reviewing Smith’s appeal to have his conviction expunged, Smith quipped,

God.  God is handling the case.

I guess we will wait & see how God rules.

Nic Horton



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  5. Cammie Pitts

    I love Fred smith, and he deserve another chance. I don’t think he will steal money again from the people of WMPHS, AR. Give him a chance, when white folks steal, the courts give them a 2nd chance:-))

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