AR Democrats Offer Fred Smith $3,000 to Drop Election Bid

ImageOn Thursday, after news broke that former state rep. Fred Smith had filed to once again seek office, state Democrat Party chairman Will Bond told reporters that Smith’s filing fee would not be refundable if he were found ineligible (Smith resigned after being found guilty of a felony conviction last year & Arkansas law prohibits him from being able to hold state office with a criminal record).

From the Associated Press:

Bond says he told Smith that he would have to forfeit his $3,000 filing fee if he’s found to be ineligible.

But yesterday, news broke that the state Democrats have now offered to refund Smith’s filing fee if he will drop out.  From KATV:

Party spokeswoman Candace Martin said Monday that the party sent the letter to former state Rep. Fred Smith’s attorney and has offered to refund his filing fee if he resigns from running.

I’m not sure what political impact this development really has, but it should tell you just how bad the Dems want Smith off the ballot.  They know he’s going to be a political scapegoat for Republicans in the state, despite the fact that he has no Republican challenger.  And we know how much Democrats hate Tim Tebow, who Smith equated himself with last week.

We’ll see how long Smith holds on.


Nic Horton



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