The ‘Newt’ Comeback Kid: Gingrich Leads in Mississippi & Alabama

Pretty much everyone agrees:  Newt Gingrich must win Mississippi & Alabama to move forward as a presidential candidate.  2 new polls show Gingrich surging to the lead in both states.

From Rasmussen Reports:

The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in Alabama finds Newt Gingrich barely ahead with 30% support to 29% for Rick Santorum and 28% for Mitt Romney. Texas Congressman Ron Paul trails with seven percent (7%) of the vote. One percent (1%) prefers some other candidate, and six percent (6%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

From American Research Group:

Newt Gingrich leads the Mississippi Republican presidential primary with 35%. Gingrich is followed by Mitt Romney with 31%, Rick Santorum with 20%, and Ron Paul with 7%.

This is very exciting news for idea-oriented activists.

We are obviously not to the finish line yet, and Newt should brace himself for on onslaught of negative, misleading attacks from Romney over the next 4 days.  But if Newt can hold on and win both of these states, this process continues and Lazarus will have once again risen from the political dead.

Game on.




  1. Scott Kimberly

    Update: Rasmussen Mississippi Primary Poll released today (March 9): Romney 35, Gingrich 27, Santorum 27.

  2. Linton

    The Newt as Lazarus comparison only makes sense if one thinks Lazarus was an undead zombie that continued to prey on the brains of those he was aligned with.

    And as to ideas-oriented: ““Newt has ten ideas a day,” jokes former congressman Scott Klug. “Two of them are good, six are weird, and two are very weird.”

  3. Backgammon

    Still like Newt. If he can hold out until the South votes, he has a chance.
    I believe Newt is the one who can “Change” things quickly. 10 ideas are better than
    a President who comes up with a job idea 3 years into his presidency. Newt Has done all the things we need. Work across the isle, cut spending, create jobs!
    Those that don’t like the idea of # 3 wife in the WH are crazy. We need an immediate rescue.
    ABO 2012

  4. Linton

    I kind of like the idea of Gingrich or Santorum winning the primary. Mainly because the GOP needs to see a “real” conservative get clobbered in a general election. Of course, “real conservative” has come to mean whoever can use the most dire, over the top rhetoric to trash Democrats/liberals/Obama, it has very little to do with views on the size of government.

    If it was actually based on overall record then a candidate like Huntsman, even with his comparatively minor lapses from conservative orthodoxy here and there, would still be in the race. But I guess he can’t “take it to Obama” the way Newt can. A real conservative is now measured by the fury of his posturing.

    The best thing for the GOP would be for it to hold on to the House, take the Senate, and have Newt or Santorum lose definitively to Obama. That way the “if only we could run a ‘real’ conservative” argument could finally die.

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