Harding University Named “Top Conservative College” By Young America’s Foundation

HardingI believe this list has been published for some time, but it’s worth mentioning that Harding University has been named a “Top Conservative College” by Young America’s Foundation.

According to YAF’s website,

Harding offers a well-rounded intellectual experience in a Biblical context.  A moral code signed by all students creates an atmosphere where everyone is held to high standards.

Each year, Harding students participate in a variety of programs from the American Studies Institute, including the Distinguished Lecture Series. Young America’s Foundation is proud to co-sponsor several lectures each year that expose students to conservative ideas.  Past speakers include Margaret Thatcher, John Ashcroft, William F. Buckley Jr., Sean Hannity, Zell Miller, Lech Walesa, and J.C. Watts.

Harding’s American Studies Institute puts a strong emphasis on its entrepreneurial development programs. For example, the Belden Center for Private Enterprise Education, led by noted scholar Dr. Don Diffine, educates students on the importance of freedom and private enterprise in relation to the success of business.

Congrats to Dr. Diffine, a friend and former professor, for his work at the Belden Center.  It is truly a great resource for all Harding students.

(I will never forget that Hannity speech.  Perhaps I will write a post about that night here on The Patriot soon to let you know a little bit about how I got into politics.)

Other past ASI speakers include President Bush (41), his wife Barbara Bush, and President W. Bush (43).  Former Secretary of State Cond0leezza Rice will speak at the school next month.

As an alumnus, I am very proud to see Harding’s name mentioned on this list, endorsed by a great organization like YAF and alongside schools like Hillsdale College.  My time on campus was instrumental in my development as a conservative thinker, much to the chagrin of some of my professors (yes, there are some liberals at Harding).

Harding is a great school that produces leaders.  I hope they never compromise.

Go Bisons!

Nic Horton


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