Louisiana Democrat Calls Supporters of School Choice Nazis

Governor Bobby Jindal & Republicans in Louisiana are pushing to expand school choices for families.  The state currently has a limited form of school choice, according to The Pelican Post:

The Student Scholarship for Educational Excellence Program currently serves 1,912 students. It offers vouchers which average $4,863 each to low-income pupils in New Orleans in grades K-6 only.  Jindal’s proposal would expand the program to the entire state and include students who attend schools graded C, D, or F among other criteria.

But of course the proposal is not going through without a fight & some good ole fashioned name-calling by state Democrats.  One Democrat, Rep. John Bel Edwards, has even gone so far as to call the governor & supporters of the reforms Nazis.

Predictable, sad and, regrettably, perhaps a preview of what’s to come as Arkansas preps for its own school choice battle next year.

You can hear the audio in this report:

Nic Horton



  1. lintonloop

    Nazi comparisons are the refuge of people who have no other arguments. Still, the title of this post is misleading. I was expecting comments in the video comparing support for charter schools to Nazism, what I heard was a guy griping about procedure by using a Nazi comparison. A stupid comparison, and an easy way to make the person saying it look like a fool, but not quite the same thing.

    • Arkansas Patriot

      Sorry to disappoint. Not intended to be misleading. The issue being discussed is school choice, the legislator called the supporters of the school choice reforms ‘Nazis.’ It’s pretty straightforward. I understand your point, and there may have been a better way to word it, but it escaped me at the time. Thanks for reading. NHH

  2. Ron Speer

    I agree that the word, ‘Nazi’s’ is off limits. I don’t care what the subject is about, those are fighting words…..

  3. sluceunited

    The reason why Edwards was referring to Nazis is that Jindal and his attorney friends are using ‘Sunshine Laws’ to gain access to Mr. Edwards’ email conversations with ANY member of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and also to gain access to any member of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers in his district, asking for names and addresses of each educator.

    I know people like to throw the ‘Nazi’ word around, but what else would you call it when a ruling party suddenly wants names and addresses of the dissidents?

    Stop thinking in sound bites. Jindal has fired several people in the past few months who have disagreed with him. Now his enemies lists have expanded to include rank-and-file teachers, who he is actively trying to gain access to with these ‘Sunshine Law’ requests.

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