TEA Party Group In First District Speaks Out Against Rick Crawford’s Millionaire Tax

Surprise!  Congressman Rick Crawford’s millionaire tax hike hullabaloo isn’t flying with conservatives in his district.

I received this press release from a friend with the Ozark TEA Party, one of the largest TP organizations in the state, and by far the largest TP in Crawford’s 1st District:

The Ozark Tea Party, founded in 2009, bases itself in traditional conservative principles. Simply put, we believe in freedom. We believe that to achieve our nation’s potential we must unleash the American entrepreneur by limiting government power and spending. In 2010, we fought for and elected political leaders who we believed shared these same basic principles. Unfortunately, self-proclaimed conservative Congressman Rick Crawford proved us wrong with his proposal of the Shared Responsibility in Preserving America’s Future Act.

The Ozark Tea Party strongly opposes Congressman Crawford’s plan to increase taxes on America’s job creators.  The Wall Street Journal reminds us that “the top 1% of earners in America pay about 40% of the nation’s federal income taxes.”  This leaves us with one question for Congressman Crawford, ‘how much should they pay?’

Our country is in the greatest economic turmoil since the great depression. Our economy is struggling and our people need jobs. Instead of punishing job creators, we must lower taxes and regulations on them. We are here to remind Congressman Crawford the same thing that Ronald Reagan told the American people so long ago: ‘government isn’t the answer to our problems, government is the problem!

The Ozark Tea Party strongly urges Congressman Rick Crawford to withdraw his support for this progressive and job killing tax increase. Rather, he should work to shrink the size of our unsustainable federal government bureaucracy.

We applaud Congressman Crawford’s efforts to put a balanced budget amendment in the United States Constitution. However, this new plan goes against our principles of supporting American capitalism, lower taxes and smaller government.

We will continue to fight the liberal idea of larger government, less freedom and more bureaucracy no matter what party name it hides behind.


Nic Horton



  1. Janet Crow

    I agree …Crawford needs to retract from this . I don’t live in his district but I sure worked hard to support candidates in all districts who said they were conservatives during the last campaign. Disappointing.

  2. Jolynn

    I am against more taxes also, but his objective to have a balanced budget as a stipulation makes me pause before I completely lamblast him. Maybe someone can explain to me why this would not be a good thing. I am not very politically intelligent, I will be the first to admit.

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