Patriot Week In Review: Local Media Hits New Low, Candidates Discuss Obamacare, Patriot Talk, & Joe Biden Thanks Dr. Pepper

Here’s a list of our top stories from this week:

  • Introducing Patriot Talk!  This is our new video project to keep you informed about what’s going on in politics around the county, state, and country.  The response has been terrific!

As always, thank you for reading!

Nic Horton


One comment

  1. Donald L. Wheatley

    I, too, attended the Health Care Forum debate between Mr. Osbourn and Mr. Biviano.
    In my opinion, Mr. Osbourn was ill prepared for the debate. I don’t remember any ideas he put forth to deal with OBAMACARE Fiasco. Mr. Biviano, on the other hand, was more prepared for the debate and had good knowledge of what is going on and ideas of how to deal with the situation. The best I could determine was the fact that the only good thing that Mr. Osbourn came up with was to mostly agree with what Mr. Biviano was saying.

    Good job, Mr. Biviano.

    Sorry, Mr. Osbourn, but I was not impressed by your answers to the questions asked.

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