KARK Continues Assault on Journalistic Decency, Uses Petrino Accident for Self-Promotion

Of course you remember my post last week about KARK’s exploitation of the death of a 4-year old.  Well, their insatiable appetite for shameless self-promotion couldn’t stop there.

Today, the lovely folks at KARK posted this heart-felt request for support for Razorback football Coach Petrino upon news of his accident:

Keep in mind this was well before any information had been released about Coach Petrino’s condition.  We literally did not know if he was dead or alive.  But, who cares!  “LIKE” away!

One of The Patriot’s contributors has now been blocked from KARK’s Facebook page for calling this post into question.  So it is very good to know that KARK also believes in free speech, which they make millions of dollars off of every year!

In closing, please turn to #119 & let’s all pause as we ask the Facebook gods to bless Coach Petrino by sharing, liking & tweeting this blog post.  Bless him, Mark Zuckerberg!

[On a serious note: this is just truly disgusting journalistic snobbery & insensitivity.  I wish Coach Petrino all the best in his recovery and I will truly pray for him, not just click a button online to make myself (and KARK) feel good.]

Contact KARK and let them know what you think about this type of self-promotion.

Nic Horton



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