Patriot Talk: Obamacare’s Constitutional Hurdle

In this week’s episode of Patriot Talk, guest Derek Glover & I discuss the Supreme Court hearings from last week.  We also discuss the ramifications for Obama’s campaign if the law is struck down or upheld.

Hope you enjoy:


Articles referenced in this episode:

Jonah Goldberg article:

Kennedy quote:



  1. nut501

    Tina made you get a haircut? Ha!
    We could improve health care in America with
    out spending billions of dollars! America needs
    Health Freedom! By which the people get to
    decide what type of health care they would like
    to purchase. Open the market up to a cash only
    system. Then see what happens! For the most
    part no one knows the cost of any thing in health care . Why is this a great system?
    Steve Forbes has a great solution to the health care problem! Check it out !
    Get the liberals off the court!!!

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