No Official Statement to The Patriot From KARK Yet

I contacted KARK’s News Director via email last night, requesting comment on the story we have been reporting on for a week or so regarding the death of a 4-year old & KARK’s use of the tragedy to gain attention to their social media accounts.

The director told me that he was new to town and not yet familiar with The Patriot.  Therefore, he would not be comfortable making a comment until next week when he has had a chance to review my site & the story.  He asked that I send him a link so he could gather more information.  Not unreasonable.

But earlier in the evening, I confirmed with Arkansas Business that they had obtained a statement from the director regarding this story and that there will be a follow-up story on the scandal in an upcoming issue of AB.

So why did the director tell me he wasn’t prepared to make a statement if he had already made one?

Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation.  Perhaps AB talked to one of his staffers, and not the director himself.  I have sent him another email asking that he clarify.

Hopefully I will have more info soon.



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