Fred Smith is Ineligible…Again

Well, in the seemingly never-ending volley of Fred Smith’s eligibility to appear on the ballot, a Pulaski County circuit judge has now ruled that he cannot appear on the May ballot because he was not eligible when he filed.  Smith’s charges were removed on March 14th, but he filed for his old state rep. seat on March 1st.

A caveat: Smith will appear on the ballot because they have already been printed & shipped to the counties in his district, but Judge Mary McGowan says any votes that are cast for Smith should not be counted.

Remember that Smith was forced to resign from office during last year’s session after being convicted of a felony.  Then he filed to seek his old seat again on March 1, saying “God was on the case” to get his record expunged and calling himself Tim Tebow.

Then state Democrats offered him his filing fee of $3,000 back if he dropped his bid, despite earlier saying they would not refund it.

And then, on the 15th of March, news broke that a Chicot County judge had cleared the former Globetrotter.

Personally, I think he should be allowed to stay on the ballot, if for no other reasons than that Democrats hate him, it’s great political theater, & how can you not love his sense of style?  (Oh, and I love hearing liberals use the constitution to advance their agenda, only to laugh it off as an ‘old document written by rich racists’ the rest of the time)

Who knows what happens next, but one thing we know for sure: this isn’t the last we will hear of Fred Smith.



  1. nut501

    I thought democrat liberals were fair and honest!
    Oh well, I see I am wrong again!
    Fred, I hope you get elected!

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