KARK Uses Photo of Injured Petrino to Rile Up Hogs Fans, Garner Free Publicity

You might think the biggest news in Arkansas tonight is the firing of Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino.  You are half correct.  The real story is KARK’s continuance of their awesome social media strategy–using unfortunate, even tragic circumstances to solicit attention to themselves.

Tonight, Petrino was the victim of KARK’s ‘strategy.’  They posted the following on their Facebook page:

Not exactly a flattering pic, nor appropriate timing/situation to participate in this type of self-promotion.

(If you do not understand how KARK is benefiting from this, please read this story.)

They also tweeted this picture of Petrino & another picture of UA Athletic Director Jeff Long separately, asking fans to retweet the picture of Long if they wanted to see Petrino go or retweet the photo of Petrino if they thought he should’ve stayed.

Which is kind of funny because not too long before this happened, I tweeted:

Promotional idea for @KARKNews: post a pic of a moving van in front of Petrino’s house, then ask people to RT as prayers!

Look, I don’t want my friends at KARK to start thinking I don’t like them or that I’m picking on them.  (I also don’t want to continue to play into their hands by giving their social media accounts all of this free publicity)  But this is just too easy, too petty to ignore.

The state is reeling right now.  Hogs fans are very uncertain of the future and there are certainly mixed emotions about the Petrino firing.




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