Louisiana Democrat Compares School Choice to Crucifixion of Jesus

I posted yesterday about Louisiana’s passage of a school voucher program.  Republican leaders say the vouchers will be in place later this spring.

In that post, I used a quote from an article from The Town Talk, a Louisiana news organization.

In that same article, I found several disturbing quotes from one of the state’s Democrats, Sam Jones, in which he tries to draw a bizarre analogy about school choice & the death of Jesus.  I’m not sure if this really got any coverage regionally or nationally, but it should have.

From the article:

“Are we going to be the first state to write a church a check? Think about it … I am appalled about how many religious denominations of schools ran up here to get this money.”

[Jones] reminded the House that Jesus said to “give unto Caesar what is owed to Caesar” but “the only time government dealt with him, they ordered his execution. This is a line we should not cross.”

I suppose Rep. Jones thinks the government should stay out of church affairs then?  So it is safe to assume that he opposes Obamacare’s birth control mandate?

I draw attention to these comments for two reasons.

1. They’re outrageous & Rep. Jones deserves to be publicly shamed for these comments.  

2. Supporters of school choice in Arkansas need to prepare for these types of outrageous, offensive attacks.  Because come next January, when our own school choice battle kicks off, this will happen here.  We need to be ready.

Just for kicks:  Jones also added, “Every child is different and has different needs.”

Maybe he is a believer in school choice after all.



  1. Ratchell Richter

    Regrettably I dont think OBeebe is going to wake up on this issue. We are having too much fun bickering over money being used for frivolous purposes and dumbing down the kids with spoon fed tests. Life does not have a fill-in-the-bubble option?

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