Someone Has Died, So Of Course, KARK Wants You to Click ‘Like’

I’m starting to think I could make a living off of KARK making a living off of people dying.

From their Facebook page last night:

A few things wrong here.

First of all, the obvious:  someone has died and so KARK is taking advantage of it by asking for ‘likes,’ which directly benefits them, as we have shown previously.

Secondly, ‘liking’ that post will not enable Facebook users to continue to receive updates on the post.  That’s just not how Facebook works.  It’s not like commenting on a post where you are automatically enrolled to receive follow-up notifications of other comments.  ‘Liking’ this story helps KARK.  That’s about it.  Either KARK doesn’t understand Facebook (unlikely), or they are knowingly deceiving their followers.

Every time I post about KARK’s grotesque social media practices, I remain hopeful that they will change their policies (I have had conversations with their news director, as have other media outlets, so I know they’re aware of what is being said).  And every time, KARK fails to change.

I am not going to make this the ‘anti-KARK blog.’  I don’t intend to write much more about this topic.  But this particular post just made my stomach flop in a different way than the others & it deserved a mention.  The insensitivity & crassness of these people is still shocking.


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