Patriot, Editor Honored By Local Paper

The Arkansas Patriot (found at, because was reportedly insufficiently patriotic) was honored over the weekend by the fine folks at the White County paper as a ‘frivolous blog.’  Editor Nic Horton was also honored as a ‘local conspiracy theorist.’

Regarding the honors, Horton said:

I’d like to thank the Searcy paper for their editorial on me in Sunday’s paper.

Many of you have asked to see the article.  We typed up some of the more flattering excerpts for you here.

That’s all the time we have to comment on this matter.  Irrelevancy is very time-demanding.


A sufficiently patriotic failed city council candidate with a very powerful WordPress account



  1. Carl

    It is good to see that the daily wipe reads a
    great Blog! Because Nick’s Blog is Sterling
    Certified 100% Accuracy! You can not say that about the daily wipe!
    I can see why people are no longer reading the
    daily wipe. Because they do not let the facts
    get in the way of a great story? I guess if people
    want a Socialist view of what is going on in White County, then you need to read the daily
    Nick, please keep up the fight for freedom!
    What ever happen to freedom of the press?
    Why read a worthless paper when we have an
    excellent Blog to get conservative news!

    • First Amendment Police

      See, The Daily Citizen will probably lay claim to a “strict constructionist” view of the constitution and claim that the first amendment only protects “the press” and since Mr. Horton does not utilize a printing press in his dissemination of information, he should/does not enjoy the same protections that they do. That would make as much sense as anything they say.

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  8. Anonymous

    What’s next? Rambling on about immigration to ensure the future prosperity of your lawn care business? Please do everyone a favor and join Bristol Palin in Alaska.

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