Reader: Did Paper’s ‘Ultra-Partisan Political Views’ Influence Characterization of Patriot Editor?

Below is the text of a letter that was recently submitted to us.  The letter was submitted to The Patriot and to the local paper at the same time, in the same email.

After reading the recent editorial attacking Nicholas Horton, I felt compelled to reply.  I find it ironic that in a society where we constantly bemoan the failure of coming generations to grow into leadership roles and where we complain about the average citizen’s unwillingness to participate in the electoral process, The Daily Citizen decided that the most appropriate thing to do was to belittle a young man who has attempted to become involved in the political process and accept the burdens of leadership.

I wonder why the editorial staff chose to refer to Mr. Horton as “a failed Searcy City Council candidate with a WordPress account” instead of “a successful leader of the opposition which soundly defeated Judge Lincoln’s failed sales tax proposal”?  Could the editor’s ultra-partisan political views have entered into the decision regarding which electoral outcome to emphasize?  The decision clearly wasn’t based either on recency or the margin of victory, both of which would have resulted in focusing on the September sales tax failure.

I have not always agreed with Mr. Horton, but I will say that he stands up for what he believes in and he has never attempted to hide his beliefs or back down from his own words.  Perhaps The Daily Citizen should get Mr. Collier to explain to them the nature of an ad hominem attack before they publish their next hatchet job editorial by a writer apparently afraid to put his or her own name by their words.

Scott Biddle, Searcy, AR

Mr. Biddle is an occasional guest contributor to The Arkansas Patriot, former chairman of Searcy Friends of the Voters, and an ‘unabashed local conservative,’ according to the local paper.



  1. Ben Franklin

    The letter to the editor from an “unabashed local
    Conservative.” It pretty much hit the nail on the head! Mr. Biddle is correct that we need to
    Get more young, hard working folks into local
    It would appear that the paper is very clear that
    if your opinion is different from their’s, then you
    are not worth listening to. I just wish Nic had a printing press!
    I would like to finish with a quote from the paper, “It’s a crying shame that their common sense wisdom isn’t all that common anymore.”
    That pretty sums up the daily paper! If you don’t believe me, then just ask Warren Watkins!
    It will be a surprise if the daily paper will have
    the nerve to print such a good letter!

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