Arkansas House GOP Unveils SIMPLE Plan

Something else (besides the breaking of the Petrino scandal) happened on April 5th:  Republicans in the Arkansas House, poised to take control of the body for the first time since Reconstruction, unveiled their platform for the 2013 general assembly.

(We have previously outlined pieces of the platform.)

I encourage our readers to view the platform at  It is not the typical platitudes.  It is a very detailed, substantive plan with many ideas that have been proven to be fundamentally sound & successful in other states.

SIMPLE is, of course, an acronym:

  • S – Spending Restraints
  • I – Income & Other Tax Reform
  • M – Medicaid Sustainability
  • P – Protecting Arkansas’s Future
  • L – Legal & Regulatory Reform
  • E – Educational Excellence

The entire press conference is not available in one YouTube clip, but since we are a Searcy-based blog, we will share our state rep’s comments.  Here are Rep. Mark Biviano’s comments.  I particularly appreciate the remarks about transparency:




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