Grover Norquist Explains ‘Trickle-Down Taxation’

I read this article by Grover Norquist yesterday and found it simply too fantastic not to share with you.

Here’s a preview:

In his 1984 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, Walter Mondale announced that if elected president he would raise taxes. He lost the electoral college 525 to 13, carrying only the District of Columbia and his home state of Minnesota.

Since then the two Democrats who won the presidency have promised that to pay for larger government they would only raise taxes on “the rich.” Bill Clinton defined the rich as the top 2% of income earners.

Even with the president promising to tax only the rich, why did 75% of Americans believe they were the ultimate targets of any threatened tax hike? The history of trickle-down taxation over the last 100 years and the last two Democratic administrations suggests an answer.

Read the rest of the article for yourself at The Wall Street Journal.  You will not be disappointed.  These are the types of economic lessons that are not taught in schools–intentionally.



  1. Donald L. Wheatley

    Any time. no matter when, if there is a TAX HIKE, You can bet your bottom dollar
    that you WILL BE PAYING HIGHER TAXES. Never in my lifetime, I seen a tax
    increrase that my taxes didn’t go up. Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is just
    trying to yank my chain.

  2. Pat

    Liberals love higher taxes! They have never seem a tax that they did not like!
    Liberals love to grow government. They tax the people and then spend every dime they can get their hands on! Government programs are going to be the death of our country! These types of programs helps to keep them in office!!!
    We must get rid of liberals, before it is too late!
    Nic, I will vote for you!! Less taxes and less government!!!!

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