Correction: Judge Lincoln Supports State Sales & Use Tax Hike

I posted a story this morning that was originally titled “Searcy Mayor, White County Judge Support Diesel Tax Increase.”  Then a reader so politely commented that the diesel tax wasn’t going to be on the ballot in November.  So I updated the story to let everyone know that I was looking into it and that I may have made a mistake.

Here’s what I’ve learned after talking to a fellow Arkansas blogger & a contact in the Secretary of State’s office:

The Diesel Tax, HB 1898, may or may not be on the November ballot.  Governor Beebe could still call a special election if he chooses to, although it appears unlikely.  However, the Diesel Tax is no longer relevant to this discussion because the tax that Judge Lincoln & Searcy Mayor Morris are supporting is Issue 1, or the ‘Highway Tax.’  It is a general sales & use tax that would impose a half -percent tax on all sales in the state, not just diesel, according to the SOS’s office.  Which is kind of worse, in my opinion.

Sorry for identifying the wrong tax, but it doesn’t change the focal point of my article:  Judge Lincoln is supporting a tax hike while telling White County voters that the county desperately needs the money.  These claims are provably false, as county revenues have been higher than ever under Judge Lincoln’s reign.

Read the full story here.



  1. donnieboy1

    Like I have said before: I have never met a politican that doesn’t llike a tax. An increase in taxes is always THE ANSWER. And, check this out, any new sales tax added ALWAYS includes thetax on groceries. The tax on groceries got down to 2%, I believe, but since the Searcy tax increase effictive April 1st. the tax on groceries has gone up to 3%, AND the taxers on groceries will continue to go up until they are back on par with the rest of the taxes at State Level. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

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