Audio: New Ads In White County Focus On Judge Lincoln’s Record

Two new ads are hitting the airwaves in White County on Friday, in lieu of the upcoming primary election on May 22nd.

One ad highlights Judge Mike Lincoln’s ethics violation.  The other focuses on his OEM director’s misuse of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Hear the ads for yourself:

Ethics violation:

OEM credit card:



  1. scottbiddle

    How dare you try to dispel Judge Lincoln’s assertions with these mere facts! Don’t you know that all county money is Judge Lincoln’s money and all county property is his property to do with as he pleases? The very idea that some lowly citizen would try to hold him accountable for “misuse” of government funds is simply shocking.

  2. Joe T.

    Can anyone explain to me, why Greg loves Mike Lincoln so much?
    So, I guess Greg is going to vote for Mike Lincoln?
    Great ads!

  3. Donald L. Wheatley

    Like I told Judge Lincoln, face to face, “Judge Lincoln, I voted for you 3 times, but I’ve stubbed my toe.” His actions have caused me to vote for his opponet. This is why I feel term limits should be placed on every elected official. When people are reelected over and over, they tend to think they can do no wrong and they forget about the people who elected them. Sur, I agree, term limits are already in place, in that we can term limit them at the polls: however, due to ignorance of what is going on, or just a plain old I don’t care because they are a good ole boy, just doesn’t cut it. If term limits is the law, then term limits is a must.

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