White County Judge’s Race Results

Election results in the White County Judge race:

  • Incumbent Mike Lincoln: 3123
  • Challenger Bill Haynie: 2552

Lincoln will not face a challenger in the fall.



  1. David Roberson

    This is great news! Michael Lincoln is a great man and a great leader for White County. Congrats Judge Lincoln!

    • Scott Biddle

      Michael Lincoln has admitted to violating state law during the course of performing his duties as judge and has stated he would do it again. I guess the people don’t know or don’t care about his actual performance in office as long as they can throw around platitudes like “great man.”

      • Scott Biddle

        I always find it humorous when folks don’t like a comment that does nothing but state facts. I guess that reality is a little uncomfortable for Mr. Lincoln and his fans. You can find copies of the letter he received stating that he admitted violating state law pertaining to the performance of his duties in lots of places. If you don’t like that fact, talk to him about it, don’t just “dislike” a comment citing it.

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