Good work by a friend from college. This piece was recently picked up by



  1. Backgammon

    This man is a narcissist of the most evil kind. So many first for a President. Just read that in 1996 Obama was active in Democratic Socialist of America! What? When will we have an idea of who this man is? Did anyone read his books? Did anyone research Black Theology?
    We certainly know he is not the brilliant scholar he claims to be, but who is he? Have we ever known less about any Senator, much less President? Why have his college records been sealed? Google any important Communist and Obama’s name and there will be a connection of some sort. No wonder Palin was bashed over Ayers, it was getting a little close for the Obama team, she had to be shut down. Why do people keep printing that he is from Kenya? Did he lie about that or is he lying now. Why so many questions about his birth certificate? Is his father Obama or Frank Marshall Davis? FMD is a US Citizen. A Communist but at least a citizen. What on earth were 52% of Americans thinking when electing this man? We must vote in 2012 like this is our last election, as it may very well be.

  2. Anonymous

    Lol. This keeps getting crazier and crazier, as evident by the above comment. I’ve had enough. I keep forgetting that I’m venturing into the dense, dark, and deranged forest of conservatism.

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