John Brummett Is Not Ignorant

We mentioned the debate between state rep. Charlie Collins & columnist John Brummett last week.  I attended the debate and wrote a review for The Arkansas Project.  

Here’s an excerpt:

Today, one day after the debate, Brummett has set fire to the blogosphere, demonstrating his ability to play fast and loose with facts by publishing this dazzling analysis of the debate that reads more like a red carpet review, with a tinge of Brantley-esque Koch conspiracy.  He managed to make at least two demonstrably false statements in the article; they deserve to be corrected.  So let’s do that!

Read the full story at The Arkansas Project.


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    After I stopped laughing at the ridiculousness of this website, I found myself wondering…how much of our tax dollars were spent by Horton/Haynie in investigating these “ethics” charges? Special agents, investigators, subpoenas, paperwork, hearings, etc. all requires money. Who pays for it all? I doubt this comment even gets posted after the website “moderates” (censors) it, but still, I would love for Horton to do some real thinking and do the math. I’d be willing to bet you won’t find any articles posted here about that. However, I can assure you someone else will do the math…and Horton will get to answer some hard questions about his personal actions the next time he makes a poor attempt at running for some useless public office to feed his ego/non-realistic political ambitions.

    I can’t wait to hear those ads…Nic Horton’s tea party/Palin paranoia cost you the taxpayer $_____. I’ll be willing to bet that blank will amount to far more than the $31.90 spent at Sexton Foods. Stick to mowing lawns, buddy, because nobody with any intelligence wants to hear all the worthless dribble that seeps out of your mouth.

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