Possible Searcy Parks Projects Released, No Pool Improvements Listed

If you’re thinking about voting for the latest Searcy tax proposal, you should know that you apparently won’t be voting for improvements to the city pool–which, in my estimation, is the impression that most Searcy voters are under (the last A&P tax was proposed to fund the previous mayor’s pet project, an aquatic center, and the most recent proposal was preceded by city officials bemoaning the need for pool improvements in the local paper).

The Parks & Rec committee has apparently released a list of projects they would like to pursue with the A&P money over the next five years.  Maybe I am missing something, but I do not see any pool improvements listed.  From the paper:

The tax is forecasted to bring in $971,392.68 in one year, based on five months of 2009 A&P revenues. The tax does not have a sunset.

For the first five years, the large projects are as follows:

Year one: Sports complex expansion with land acquisition and development.

Year two: Expansion and development of the bike trail

Year three: Riverside Park expansion

Year four: New park development

Year five: Soccer complex drainage.

Undoubtedly, someone will rebut my comments here by claiming this list is not extensive.  I’ll concede that point.  But don’t you think that, if the pool repairs were of highest priority, it would be listed?

This whole thing is one big mess.  The city passed this tax without listing any specific projects, but knowing full well that people would assume it was for pool improvements.  Now, this list comes forth, without any pool repairs listed?  It’s almost as if the city council had to pass the A&P ordinance before they could find out what it was going for (reminds me of another one of my favorite politicians).

Many of you may have been willing to pay for pool improvements, but are any of the things on this list so vital that you still support a cumulative 4% tax increase?

And take a look at Year Four:  a new park?  We can’t afford the parks we have, which is why we need this new tax, so if we get it, we are going to build MORE parks, which we also will not be able to afford!

They also expect us to believe that raising these sales taxes and spending all of this money on parks will magically attract businesses and new residents to Searcy.

More mismanagement by Searcy officials, facilitating more distrust in Searcy voters.



  1. Conservative

    Thank you for the information!
    What great leaders we have in the city of Searcy! They really know how to spend our tax dollars!!! They want us to give them our dollars to spend anyway they like ! Then we are not suppose to ask any questions. That is the way liberals want us to be. We are being taken over by the liberals!
    Why can we not use common sense to address the problems in Searcy?
    These progressives needs to be run out of town! They are showing no leadership at all!
    Can you believe people elected this group of folks to run are city?
    Please tell all of your friends to be sure and vote against this tax!!!!
    Increase taxes, you will have less freedom!!!

  2. Donald L. Wheatley

    Nick, You are absolutely correct. I read the article the same way. We have those on our city council who believe that raising taxes is the ONLY SOLUTION to any problem.
    Tax and spend. The heck with those who are barely ekeing by. They want , want. want. and expect the taxpayers to pay, pay, pay.

    donnieboy1 m (Don Wheatley)

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