Nicholas Horton, Editor-In-Chief

Nic received his Bachelor of Science in Public Administration & his Masters of Business Administration from Harding University in Searcy, AR.  While at Harding, Nicholas founded Libertas Exemplar, a conservative political-commentary newsletter.  Nic has owned and operated Horton’s Lawn Care for 10 years and campaigned for Searcy City Council in 2010.  He is an active political commentator and campaigner across the state of Arkansas.  Nic is the worship leader for his local church and is active in community volunteerism for local non-profits, including pro-life causes.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Christian Academy and works as an analyst for Advance Arkansas Institute.  Follow Nic’s tweets.

Josh Mesker, Guest Contributor

Josh received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas. At Sterling, he was Online Editor and a staff writer for the campus newspaper, The Sterling Stir, acted frequently in theatre, and helped form the college’s first pro-life group. Upon graduating in 2007, Josh moved back to his hometown of Little Rock and got a job writing for an advertising agency. He is now a policy analyst for a local non-profit, where he specializes in research, public relations and media communications.  Follow Josh’s tweets.

Nicholas Stehle, Contributor

Nick sits on the Board of Directors at Arkansas Carry and serves as Information Technology Director at TheVanguard.Org. He has also worked as a Technology Manager in the construction industry. Nicholas is a concealed carry instructor in the state of Arkansas and an advocate for conservative causes and groups. Follow Nick’s tweets.

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