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The Shoes of Breitbart, Who Can Fill?

Breitbart & I at the 1st National Tea Party Convention in Nashville

I spent most of yesterday avoiding writing this post.  I just really haven’t wanted to face the reality that Andrew Breitbart has left us.

That might sound a little melodramatic, especially considering that I only met him a few times, and perhaps it is.  But you have to consider what he accomplished during his short 43 years in order to really understand what we’ve lost.

One word comes to mind when I think about Andrew Breitbart: fearless.

Perhaps no man in the history of our country has done more to expose corruption & shine light on what he would categorize as “government incest.”  He had an incredible knack for uncovering scandals & then magnifying his findings, often times through the very media he despised.

Of all his achievements, there remain none higher than his toppling of ACORN.  With the help of James O’Keefe, Breitbart exposed this far-left organization for facilitating prostitution, which ultimately led to their downfall.  He was also instrumental in forcing Congressman Anthony Weiner out of office, after Weiner was caught sending photos of his namesake to women on Twitter.

And his work didn’t stop there.  Breitbart uncovered many scandals in the media and in the White House through his websites,,,, etc.  He was truly a pioneer in conservative activism, exposing injustice & hypocrisy.

One could write for pages about his accomplishments, what he actually exposed and uncovered in government.  Others have done that, and I don’t want to be redundant.  I just wanted to write a short note & thank Andrew for all he did for our movement.

Perhaps more important than any quantifiable or tangible accomplishment are the hundreds of thousands of folks, just like me, who Andrew inspired to ask questions, to shine the light in the dark corners of government.  He invigorated us.  He gave us drive and determination.  He showed us the way, but gave us the will.

As one blogger has put it, “he didn’t change conservatism.  He changed how it was covered.  He changed who covered it.”  He empowered us.

I met Andrew several times, but the first time was at the very first National Tea Party Convention in Nashville in early 2010.  And of course, Andrew was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.  We didn’t visit for more than a few minutes, and I honestly don’t even remember what was said, but there was something incredibly genuine & real about him.  There were other pundit/media types at the event, but they were stuffed away in some booth or in their rooms.  They weren’t out talking to folks.  Andrew, on the other hand, was just out mingling with the folks, saying hi to everyone, taking photos with random strangers.  And of course, he gave an amazing speech that day, and a terrific introduction of Sarah Palin the next night before her keynote speech.  During that introduction, which you can see here, he said many things about Palin that others are now saying to describe him:  warrior, leader, ‘someone who has given us the courage to stand up when we were told to sit down.’

That is what Andrew Breitbart did for me:  he gave me the courage to stand up when I was told to sit down.  He deserves a great amount of credit & thanks for much of what we have accomplished here with The Patriot, including helping to change the political landscape of my home community.

And how poetic that even from the other side of eternity, his life & his work continue to expose the vitriol of the left, as the twittosphere is flooded with celebrations of his passing.  (You can read some of the milder tweets here.)  If Andrew were alive today, he would be retweeting them all, exposing them for who they are.  So perhaps there is no more fitting of a tribute, no more appropriate of a farewell than all of the vitriol being spewed by the ‘pubic lice of The Left,’ as Andrew would say, in light of his death.

Now that he’s gone, we have a responsibility.  A mission.  A duty to pick up where he left off.  We can never completely replace him.  No one else will ever fit perfectly into his shoes–God threw away the mold after he made Breitbart.  But we can carry on in his tradition.  We can continue to shine the light into government.  We can continue to expose the hypocrisy & vitriol of The Left.  And we can be fearless, because Andrew was.

A conservative giant is gone.  A truth-teller.  A fearless, bold, faithful, committed, heroic, champion of justice isn’t here anymore.  Our movement has suffered a great loss, and we’ll never completely fill his unique shoes.  But we can carry on his work with boldness & integrity.  We must.

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012.


Nic Horton


Some advice for Rick Perry

In the GOP Presidential Debate last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked once again about his decision to give in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants in the State of Texas.  Perry points out that only four legislators voted against it in the legislature and the plan had bi-partisan support, including from very conservative Republicans.  That was all true.  He then took the “convince me” train and threw it off the tracks.  “I don’t think you have a heart,” he said, if you oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  Facepalm.

His position on the issue itself isn’t without merit.  Obviously, those kids were brought in against their own will – often at ages as young as a few months old.  They didn’t break any laws; their parents did.  Furthermore, Texas decided sovereignly, without any federal interference, that it was willing to invest money in those children so they are less likely to use up state resources when they are older.

Plenty of people would disagree with that position, namely because it doesn’t exactly discourage people from bringing their kids to Texas illegally.  On the other hand, a good financial argument could possibly be made.  It’s a reasonable explanation, even if you don’t agree with it.  It’s an intelligent explanation.  Rick Perry can disagree with the conservative base of the party from time to time; he just can’t be an anti-intellectual buffoon.  Conservatives will forgive him on this one issue if he is conservative enough on others–and he doubtlessly is.

But the “heartless” argument is the same argument that Democrats and liberals have used mindlessly for years.  “If you don’t support our handouts, you don’t have a heart.  If you don’t want to give half of your paycheck away, you must hate poor people.”  We conservatives are sick of it!  We know that true compassion is much different than this fake, gimme something free compassion that enslaves entire generations to their government.

If Mr. Perry wants to win, he’ll start appealing more to the intellectual part of the Republican Party – the conservative base.  That might mean some debate prep time (oh, horror) or time spent reading some books.  Or, he can hand the nomination to Cain, Bachmann or Gingrich.  It’s Perry’s choice.  What I do know is this: I’ll gladly vote for a nominee who disagrees with me 25% of the time but has an intellectually consistent argument each time.  I won’t vote for a primary selection who disagrees with me just 5% of the time but is completely brain dead in his explanation.  That’s much more frightening to me.

Your call, Governor Perry.


Nicholas Stehle is a contributor to The Arkansas Patriot and serves on the Board of Directors of Arkansas Carry.  He is a concealed carry instructor in the state of Arkansas and an advocate for multiple conservative causes.  Check out his tweets and his blog, A New Approach.

Masterson: “Arkansas TEA Parties Strike Again.”

The TEA Parties in Arkansas have struck another blow for independence and freedom from endlessly increasing taxation! Last night in Saline County, a resounding 75 percent of voters showed up and said NO! They voted down a $55 million dollar bond proposal and a one cent sales tax that would “sunset” once the bond was paid off. The bond would have been used for a new Fairplex site.

Members of the Benton TEA Party and engaged citizens rallied to get the word out about the special election for months. The Tolbert Report reported County Clerk Freddy Burton said “he could not remember a higher turnout for a special election in recent Saline County history.” A job well done on behalf of the people. Continue reading

“God Is In This Movement.”

Tonight I was very blessed to attend a private reception with Mr. Herman Cain, keynote speaker for tomorrow’s “Defending The American Dream Summit,” hosted by American’s For Prosperity – Arkansas.

Mr. Cain visited with us individually before making some comments & hosting Q&A.  Below are some of my tweets from tonight, featuring some of his best quotes from his speech [in reverse chronological order].

Herman Cain grew up in a low-income family, living in a south Georgia duplex.  He & his brother slept on cots in the kitchen.  His father was a barber, janitor, & chauffeur, working all three jobs just to get by.  Cain cites his dad’s work ethic & determination as a driving force behind his own success.  “My dad had two goals in life.  The first goal was to own a house.  The second goal was for me to be the CEO in the back of his limousine.”   Herman went on to be CEO of Godfather’s Pizza & Burger King.  He also served as Vice President of Pillsbury.

Cain says the only thing he has failed at in life is retirement–he’s failed three times.  After leaving the business world briefly, Cain is now a popular conservative talk-show host.  According to his comments tonight, he is considering a run for the White House in 2012.

One of the most moving stories that Mr. Cain shared tonight is featured here in this video.  One week ago tonight, Mr. Cain was in Douglas County, Georgia speaking at a TEA Party rally.  Lewis had the last question of the night:

Cain’s story and comments tonight are too inspiring & frankly too powerful to be fully conveyed through an article.  He’s a real example of the American Dream and we are honored to have him in Little Rock with us this weekend.

I will be tweeting my thumbs off from the Summit all day tomorrow.  Follow me at for live updates.


The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  The editor can be reached at Follow The Patriot on Twitter and Facebook.

American Majority/Americans For Prosperity Coming to Searcy

This Thursday at noon, American Majority and Americans For Prosperity will be in Searcy for activist training.

The cost is $5 if you pre-register at or $10 at the door.

The event is scheduled from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. and will be held at Holiday Inn Express on Ferren Trail.

More details are available at the Facebook Event.

Incidentally, if the Searcy A&P Tax receives the approval of the voters, then these types of reservations for convention rooms will cost you and I an extra 3% of our hard-earned money.

Vote AGAINST the A&P Tax this week at the County Clerk’s Office and next Tuesday at the Carmichael Center.


The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  The editor can be reached at Follow The Patriot on Twitter and Facebook.