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  1. Bill Smith, ARRA Editor

    Glad to see another conservative blog originating in Arkansas. Like the focus on on local races as well as other races.

    Would you be interested in exchanging links with ARRA News Service

    I am in the facebook group (/ozarkguru) and following on twitter (please follow back at @arra).

    I also write on John Allison’s blog at America, You asked for it and am friends with K. Ryan James and Rett Hatcher.


  2. Nancy Carlton

    I ALWAYS welcome more good Conservative journalists! I am trying to do my small part with my weekly column, The Conservative Corner, in the Saline Courier.
    We must continue to put forth the truth and hope people will heed.

  3. Larry Haney

    Luv this website! I am SO glad that the tax was defeated but was surprised. I do not get to count the votes. Just a pessimest, I guess. I’ll take my sign down now. Anyway, keep up the good site. I’ll be back!

  4. Diane Tally

    Some one needs to check out the Quroum court member Mr. Osborne That was picked up and his vehicle towed the other night for DWI !

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