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  1. Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha. Okay. Last post, I promise. Honestly. Horton, the failed journalism student turned failed politician now throwing his hat into the “blog/social media/average Joe the journalist” on-line world. Whoa, these edits are epic. Almost like watching a scary movie the way they cut in and out. Anyway, I love the third video about some news channel and a kid or social media…the video where you supposedly “clarify.” I guess your definition of clarification and mine differ. I thought the word meant:

    “Make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.”

    Oh well, haha. I guess your wanna-be guerrilla tea-party radical journalism thing doesn’t work. The real news people don’t have time to answer a shit-stirring blogger in a small town.

    Anyway, I’ve said it one and I’ll say it again: mow lawns. Save the money you make mowing. Don’t blow it on political campaigns and websites, etc. Next, do everyone a favor buy a house in Alaska so you can stalk the Palins. That way the Internet can be cleared of at least one pointless website. That will also save the tax paying people (does your company pay taxes or are you running a cash only operation?) won’t have to pay for all the ethics investigations you bring up (that result in nothing). And before you post a lot of links back to your own webpages, a reprimand over a sign in a ditch is nothing compared to the money you cost the people.


  2. Anonymous

    Wait, I know I said that would be my last post, but I couldn’t resist. As I drifted off to sleep, I remembered the accusations made against Jonathan Dismang in January 2012. You know, the ethics violations he was accused of committing? Well, I figured the consummate journalist and defender of all things ethical would surely have at least mentioned this on his blog. However, I was shocked (not really) to see nothing of the sort. I guess Horton doesn’t have the balls to investigate Dismang. Those big boys in the State Senate are a lot harder to go after than a county judge. There is also real money going on in the gas game. Probably really scary and also a conflict of interest for Horton himself. Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time here. I will sleep well knowing Nic Horton is keeping the OEM from purchasing any stray cases of diet coke, while people like Jonathan Dismang ignore the needs of his constitutes in favor of mega-money from Texas and beyond.

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