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Week In Review: Patriot Honored, Vetting The Judge, & Governor Beebe’s Dirge

Here’s a look at our top stories from this week:

  • We’re going to vet the judge.  You really will not want to miss this series of forthcoming articles about the White County Judge’s governing record.
  • Governor Beebe controls the Searcy media?  They’re singing a lovely harmony to his political dirge in Friday’s paper, generating a story that the bypass project may not be completed and of course, if it doesn’t, it’s all Senator Dismang’s fault.

TMZARK News Director Defends Social Media Strategy

Someone astutely pointed out on my Facebook wall yesterday:  “I think KARK has heard you, they just don’t care.”

I’ve had an email conversation with TMZARK’s news director, Austin Kellerman, and he confirmed that he had spoken with Arkansas Business about his organization’s newly adopted social media policies–the ones where they use pictures of dead & injured people for self-glorification.  But Kellerman declined to answer any of my questions.

Now Kellerman’s comments to AB have been published, and here’s what we have learned:

1.  TMZARK has heard me, they just don’t care.

From the article:

“I don’t think it’s fair for people to say we’re benefiting from it in any way,” Kellerman told Outtakes in an email. “This doesn’t help us grow our base or gain new fans…We’re simply giving an opportunity to people who already like our page to express themselves.”

And as AB’s Kate Knable correctly points out, that statement is not exactly true, regardless of Kellerman’s intentions.  We have documented how TMZARK is benefiting from their strategy.  Sorry you don’t think it’s fair, dude, but it is what it is.d

2. Kellerman is actually the one making these posts!

Seeing as how he is the news director, that probably explains why he hasn’t been fired.

I posted a story on our Facebook page about a state trooper being shot outside of Hope. I was amazed by the response from people wishing him well in his recovery and sending their thoughts and prayers,” Kellerman said.

I’m so happy he amazed himself. Are the families of the deceased impressed?

3. “Kellerman doesn’t see the need to ensure that clicked thoughts and prayers reach the parties for whom they were intended.”

“In this day and age, I have no doubt friends and family of those involved will inform them about all the support they’ve received online,” he said.

Summary: this is all about supporting the families, but we don’t really care if they actually see the support.

Kellerman’s comments essentially confirm all of my suspicions about TMZARK:  they don’t really care about the insensitivity or the people they’re hurting.

Don’t believe me?  Think about it like this:  the main goal is to ‘support the families,’ but nothing is done to let the families know about the ‘support & prayers?’  Because in the middle of their grief, the first thing a suffering family wants to do is wander out to TMZARK’s Facebook page and see a picture of their deceased loved one with 4,000 ‘likes,’ right?

I think if Kellerman were to be completely honest with us, he would admit that he’s not being completely honest with us or that he lacks a basic understanding of how social media works.  Either way, for your sake, I sincerely hope none of your family members tragically die and you’re subjected to TMZARK’s compassion.

Someone Has Died, So Of Course, KARK Wants You to Click ‘Like’

I’m starting to think I could make a living off of KARK making a living off of people dying.

From their Facebook page last night:

A few things wrong here.

First of all, the obvious:  someone has died and so KARK is taking advantage of it by asking for ‘likes,’ which directly benefits them, as we have shown previously.

Secondly, ‘liking’ that post will not enable Facebook users to continue to receive updates on the post.  That’s just not how Facebook works.  It’s not like commenting on a post where you are automatically enrolled to receive follow-up notifications of other comments.  ‘Liking’ this story helps KARK.  That’s about it.  Either KARK doesn’t understand Facebook (unlikely), or they are knowingly deceiving their followers.

Every time I post about KARK’s grotesque social media practices, I remain hopeful that they will change their policies (I have had conversations with their news director, as have other media outlets, so I know they’re aware of what is being said).  And every time, KARK fails to change.

I am not going to make this the ‘anti-KARK blog.’  I don’t intend to write much more about this topic.  But this particular post just made my stomach flop in a different way than the others & it deserved a mention.  The insensitivity & crassness of these people is still shocking.

Patriot Week in Review: KARK Beats a Dead Horse, Audio of Surgeon General’s Arrest, & Reviewing the White County Judge Debate

Here’s a look at our top stories from this week:

  • KARK is obsessed with Petrino.  These people just can’t leave it alone.  Their latest:  using a pic of Petrino & a pic of Jeff Long to garner divide Hog fans.
  • ‘Beat that dead horse!’  No, not us.  KARK.  Their viewers staged a mini-revolt on their Facebook page this week in response to their Petrino coverage.
  • Arkansas Voter’s Guide.  Editor Nic Horton sat down with Family Council President Jerry Cox to discuss the group’s voter guide, a very valuable resource for Arkansas voters.

‘Beat That Dead Horse:’ KARK Gets Lambasted On Their Facebook Page

Some of you–and by some, I mean one–have suggested that I lay off of TMZ KARK (who, little ole me?).  I respectfully decline your suggestion, because this is just too much.

And frankly, I’m not alone in my feelings towards the organization’s recent social media practices.  I’ve been seeing tweets for days directed @the organization, expressing disgust & displeasure for their conduct. People are literally begging for mercy.  (We have retweeted some of them)

So what is Arkansas’ premiere tabloid news org up to now?

News broke earlier today that Bobby Petrino had exchanged a great amount of text messages with another young lady in Arkansas, other than Jessica Dorrell, the passenger on his motorcycle when he wrecked it.

Once the story broke, it was a horse race to see which Little Rock news outlet would pounce on it first.  Thankfully, I had all my money on KARK.  (To my knowledge, they haven’t asked for any ‘likes’ or retweets yet, but there is still time.)

I had already decided that I would not post about this story, but TMZARK is kind of forcing me to.  However, out of respect for the Petrino family & the young lady, I am not even going to link to the story here, and instead will only link to a Facebook post that TMZARK made earlier because I want you to see the comments, the overwhelming majority of which are begging TMZARK to stop the madness.

Some of the best ones so far:

  • I understand this was a public employee. There is a chance that a lawsuit from Petrino might come out of all this. But seriously, enough is enough. When something really big happens in the case, then post about it. You guys sound like the National Enquirer. Enough already!Honestly, who cares? Why don’t you report some real news? Maybe how the fires from 2005-2012 has affected residents, firefighters and police officers of Mtn. Pine.
  • Beat that dead horse!
  • Maybe if everyone says they don’t care they will get the picture
  • If everryone wouldnt make comments and just ignore it they would probably stop
  • Who gives a crap!!! Heard enough about this already!! Find something else to talk about!!!
  • Kark is turning into losers:/ Do yall just not get it or wat are yall really that ignorant you get all these negative post but you still keep talking bout the same dumb *@&!
  • it’s getting old
  • You guys really need to move on from this story or change your website to ArkansasIrrelevancies.com
  • And bye bye KARK.
  •  REALLY!! REALLY!! Out of respect for his wife an family, can the media just DROP IT!! PLEASE!!! It’s over!
  • kark how come you didnt post about brett cummins as much as you are doing about petrino??????????????????????????????????
  • Are we going to find out how many times he called Dominoes for pizza delivery too??? Give it a rest already KARK. You are seriously making me reconsider you as a serious news agency.
  • beat that dead horse even after its buried.!!!!
  • I would like to see this much attention given to skyrocketing fuel prices with no disruption in supply! There is no shortage, there haven’t been any international incidents to cause the hike, but prices still soar! Why can’t yall beat that horse for a while?
  • This post sounds more like the Enquirer than something from a professional local news station. KARK I am disappointed.
  • Y’all done turned into gossip news channel !!!!
  • Why did Bobby Petrino text Brett Cummins so often?

I would like to re-issue my call for KARK & the other LR networks to just end the madness.  Petrino is gone.  The state, by and large, is hurting.  This just more sensationalism.  It is case and point why the majority of people resent the media.  Let. It. Go.

I have tried to warn them for a few weeks now that a backlash was coming.  People do not like this stuff.

And I don’t want you people to think I am just obsessed with TMZARK, but I do want you to know I’m not alone in my distaste for their ‘strategy.’  Honestly, I just want them to stop.

KARK Uses Photo of Injured Petrino to Rile Up Hogs Fans, Garner Free Publicity

You might think the biggest news in Arkansas tonight is the firing of Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino.  You are half correct.  The real story is KARK’s continuance of their awesome social media strategy–using unfortunate, even tragic circumstances to solicit attention to themselves.

Tonight, Petrino was the victim of KARK’s ‘strategy.’  They posted the following on their Facebook page:

Not exactly a flattering pic, nor appropriate timing/situation to participate in this type of self-promotion.

(If you do not understand how KARK is benefiting from this, please read this story.)

They also tweeted this picture of Petrino & another picture of UA Athletic Director Jeff Long separately, asking fans to retweet the picture of Long if they wanted to see Petrino go or retweet the photo of Petrino if they thought he should’ve stayed.

Which is kind of funny because not too long before this happened, I tweeted:

Promotional idea for @KARKNews: post a pic of a moving van in front of Petrino’s house, then ask people to RT as prayers!

Look, I don’t want my friends at KARK to start thinking I don’t like them or that I’m picking on them.  (I also don’t want to continue to play into their hands by giving their social media accounts all of this free publicity)  But this is just too easy, too petty to ignore.

The state is reeling right now.  Hogs fans are very uncertain of the future and there are certainly mixed emotions about the Petrino firing.