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Week In Review: Patriot Honored, Vetting The Judge, & Governor Beebe’s Dirge

Here’s a look at our top stories from this week:

  • We’re going to vet the judge.  You really will not want to miss this series of forthcoming articles about the White County Judge’s governing record.
  • Governor Beebe controls the Searcy media?  They’re singing a lovely harmony to his political dirge in Friday’s paper, generating a story that the bypass project may not be completed and of course, if it doesn’t, it’s all Senator Dismang’s fault.

We’ve Got Audio! My Appearance on The Paul Harrell Program

Happy to be able to share this video of my appearance on The Paul Harrell Program yesterday afternoon.

I wish I could embed it and let you view it right here on the site, but unfortunately WordPress isn’t currently supporting embeds from UStream. (So does this make me a “failed city council candidate with a failed WordPress account?”)

Anyway, jump to the 1:05:00 mark and check out Paul’s awesome intro.  I pop in right afterwards and stay on thru the whole segment.  Hope you enjoy.

I very much enjoyed getting to visit with Paul & appreciate him having me on the show.  We were able to discuss some of our recent coverage here on the blog, including my article on welfare drug testing, my thoughts on Congressman Rick Crawford’s millionaire tax plan, and the unveiling of the Arkansas House Republicans’ platform.

You can find the full interview here.


Listen to Your Radios Today

I will be appearing as a distinguished guest on The Paul Harrell Program today at 5 p.m. to discuss our work here at The Patriot, and Arkansas politics, including all of the tomfoolery that goes with it.

You can tune in live at AnswerTo.Us or listen on 1230 AM in northeast Arkansas.

(apparently Paul is as ‘sufficiently patriotic’ as we are and chose a great URL for his show’s website as well!)

If you can’t listen live, I believe we’ll be able to share some in-studio video after the program.

Hope you’ll tune in.