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Visit The Arkansas Project!

TAP fb picJust wanted to post and remind you all that, while The Patriot has gone a bit dormant — for now — you can still keep up with my writing over at The Arkansas Project. I’m posting daily about happenings at the state capitol.

The Arkansas Project <– click it. Read it. Bookmark it.

Oh, and don’t worry — The Patriot will be back, probably around the time the Searcy City Council proposes their monthly tax hike. And that could be sooner rather than later.

Joining The Arkansas Project

I will be joining The Arkansas Project as a blogger starting, well, today.  Thanks to David Kinkade for his heart-felt welcome.

Anywho, have no fear, The Arkansas Patriot isn’t going anywhere.  We will still be covering Searcy/White County issues here and producing our video series Patriot Talk.  However, most of my more analytical & state/national commentary will be posted at The Arkansas Project.  And I’ll try to link back to the posts here at The Patriot for your viewing pleasure.

I am grateful for the opportunity as it fits masterfully into my plan to colonize the entire Arkansas blogosphere.  Watch out Tolbert, you’re next!

Hope you enjoy The Project.

Audio of AR Surgeon General’s Arrest Released

Well some great investigative work by a local citizen & Advance Arkansas Institute/The Arkansas Project has shed some new light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Arkansas’ Surgeon General Joe Thompson a couple weeks ago.

Last week, AAI President Dan Greenberg wrote about Thompson’s arrest, casting some doubt on the assumption of Thompson’s criminal guilt:

Thompson was arrested Saturday night because he was argumentative, perhaps because he was drinking, and probably because he was obnoxious.

But drinking and being argumentative and even being obnoxious are not crimes; if they were, some of my best friends would be serving life sentences. It’s not that Thompson was arrested for no reason – it’s that he was arrested for a bad reason.

Today, Greenberg posted a follow up at The Arkansas Project, revealing that they have obtained audio of Thompson’s arrest (listen here).  The post also includes pieces of a transcript:

After listening to it, I realized I had been mistaken to assume that Thompson had created a problem by behaving obnoxiously. Instead, my revised judgment – based on this recording – is that Thompson by and large behaved appropriately before he was arrested. I owe him an apology for suggesting otherwise.

When comparing the audio & the police report, it does appear that there is at least some variation in the reported severity of Mr. Thompson’s actions.  Granted, we cannot see what happened (if Thompson really got within an inch of the officer’s face–which, if it had, you tend to think the officer would’ve said ‘back up’ or arrested Thompson then, but he didn’t), but it sure does not sound too incredibly heated, and as Greenberg reminds readers, it’s not exactly legal for police to arrest someone for being stubborn or refusing to present ID:

Police aren’t allowed to arrest citizens here just because citizens don’t want to talk to them or give them ID information. (Of course, police are allowed to arrest citizens for loitering in a public place, and a refusal to supply ID information can give grounds for arrest for loitering, but it is impossible to loiter on your own property, which is where Thompson was.)

It will be interesting to see what else develops with this story.  It is certainly a very interesting case and it serves as a testament to the power of informed citizens who exercise their rights to information.  Well done.

The Arkansas Project is Back!

I was very excited to receive word this morning that The Arkansas Project (a political blog maintained by David Kinkade) has rejoined the blogosphere.  Kinkade had previously shut down the blog for reasons unbeknownst to me.  The great news came in an e-newsletter released by the Advance Arkansas Institute:

The Arkansas Project has been re-energized and has been continued to comment on Arkansas government, politics, media, and more.

Also according to the newsletter, AAI & The Project are now affiliates.

I am very excited to have this blog back in my life.  It is a great read for even casual political observers, so check it out.  The pictures are funny–and the words aren’t too bad either.

The Arkansas Patriot is a conservative organization dedicated to equipping citizens with the truth, insuring transparent government, and encouraging citizens to question their government boldly.  Contact The Patriot at arkansaspatriot@gmail.com 

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