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Citizens Take Over Searcy City Hall

Tonight, many good citizens were denied the right to address the Searcy City Council.  Being the defenders of liberty that they are, two citizens would not take no for an answer.  After the meeting was adjourned in the middle of Alderman Nutter’s comments, the people booed and mockingly clapped as the aldermen rose from their seats and made their way out of the room.  Steve Sterling, Jim Dixon, Dale English, and Belinda Laforce huffed and puffed their way out the door, some yelling at the people, while the people yelled “You cowards!”

They settled just outside the window when they saw Mr. Niblock take to the podium.  He asked the people if they would like to hear “the case for liberty.”  The people cheered and remained seated for his remarks:

After Mr. Niblock finished speaking, Mr. Garret Myhan took to the podium (full text posted below):

These men deserve the respect of every Searcy citizen for their courage and their devotion to the cause of American liberty.   Tonight’s events were a huge step towards the reclamation of The People’s rights, but this is just the beginning.  Continue to fight the good fight.

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Mayor Laforce DENIES Citizen’s Request to Speak to Council

Mr. Myhan, a contributor to The Patriot, sent a request to the City Clerk to be on the agenda for the next Searcy City Council meeting.  The following includes his email and the Mayor’s response–think it would hold up in court?

In September, Judge Tom Hughes ruled that the City of Searcy illegally denied the Searcy Friends of Voters’ petitions to have the A&P Tax placed on the ballot.   Nonetheless, the city is still refusing to set the election date.

Friends, the battle for liberty is here and now.  We have laws for a reason.  It is time we demanded that our elected officials stop stomping on the state constitution and the city code.

It is time to call your Alderman and tell them to set the election date–find their contact information by clicking here. Not sure what Ward you live in?  Click here for a map of Searcy.

Also, show up to the City Council meeting, this Tuesday night, November 10th, at 7 p.m.  The meeting will be held at City Hall on Arch Street. Continue reading

Blanche Lincoln to Face Primary Opponent?

We received this email late this evening.  We cannot confirm its validity, but figured it was worth posting

Contact : Drew Pritt at drew@prittforarkansas.com

Drew Pritt, a political activist and small business owner, has decided to provide a “progressive” primary challenge to incumbent U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.

“The fact remains we are at a historic moment in our country’s history. So it’s very upsetting, when we see a Democratic U.S. Senator who doesn’t support a public option for health care reform. It’s very upsetting when we see a Democratic U.S. Senator who doesn’t support the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s very upsetting when we see a Democratic U.S. Senator who waivers and waffles on basic civil rights. And the only explanation that is given is, she is a Senator from the deep South,” says Pritt. Continue reading

The Rise of the Conservative Party?

 HortonBy N. Horton

Thanks to The Tolbert Report’s coverage, I have been obsessively following New York’s 23rd Congressional District  race.   This is a three-way race between Democrat Nominee Bill Owens, “Republican” Dede Scozzafava, and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.   I gather that most of our readers care little about Mr. Owens, but let’s dig deeper into the other two candidates.

First, Scozzafava.

Dede Scozzafava has been closely aligned with the Working Families Party, a socialist affiliate of ACORN. In fact, her close friend and supporter, Bertha Lewis, is the vice chairman of WFP.

Scozzafava’s husband is a New York union organizer.  She supports “card check” legislation that would remove the secret ballot from union elections. And, this just breaking, her husband called the police on a Weekly Standard reporter who was asking her some tough questions about fiscal policy and health care.

Scozzafava is pro-homosexual marriage and pro-abortion.  She supported a $180 million bank bailout in Albany, NY.  Visit Doug Hoffman’s website for a side-by-side comparison of these two candidates.

*It is important to note that Scozzafava was not nominated by the voting electorate.  Instead, she was appointed to be the party’s nominee by the GOP establishment–the eleven GOP county chairman within her district. Continue reading

Respect, anyone?

By Chuck Catania

I would like to note that this article is not written in response to Barack Obama’s theft of the Nobel Peace Prize, but instead, something that we must view in all aspects of his “administration.” In the recent months, the subject of the presidency has often been broached. Many, in fact, have been singing a tune much to the same effect, “Well, you have to respect President Obama. You don’t have to respect Barack Obama, but you must respect the Presidency.” Well, in thinking about it, in one way, yes, they are correct; however, in another, they are dead wrong. As Americans, we have a duty and responsibility to respect the presidency. That said, “The Presidency” is bigger than any one man. In fact, the presidency has little to do with the president; it is the administration that is run by the president. Continue reading